The Good Mineral CEO, Ego Iwegbu, hosted a 'Model & Esthetician Approved' Instagram LIVE yesterday  with Model, Lasty Swallow, and Medical Esthetician, Ranita Kirshon.

We wanted to find out from the good people in the industry about their opinion on mineral makeup and specifically a Medical Estheticians' take on makeup in general and it's effects on skin. 

Ranita: I started using mineral makeup when I got into Esthetics because I knew how comedogenic all other cosmetics were. Non-comedogenic meaning it doesn't clog up your pores. Mineral makeup will not give you acne or break you out. I love the ingredients of The Good Mineral makeup - with a total of 9 ingredients or less including Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which are the two main ingredients for mineral sunscreen. This is basically an extra layer of protection as SPF is the most important part of your routine! You need a minimum of SPF30 and we recommend reapplying every two hours; but the problem with that is that most people do a full face of makeup and go to work so how are they going to reapply every 2 hours?Put sunscreen on top? So Mineral Powder is the perfect way to keep it up every two hours. 

Ego: Are you saying as a Medical Esthetician that the titanium dioxide and the zinc oxide in our Mineral Makeup is a powerful SPF?

Ranita: Absolutely! Titanium Dioxide is FDA approved as a a sunscreen and Zinc Oxide is FDA approved as a skin protectant. You should use a mineral sunscreen as well but this is the perfect way to boost and keep up the application throughout the day.

Ego: Another good thing is that our Mineral Makeup has no nano particles so it sits on top of your skin rather than penetrating it. The mineral crystals literally create a protective barrier.

Ranita: This is great! Basically the particles are not small enough to get into your pores which is what we want from skincare BUT NOT from our makeup! So this is another amazing thing about The Good Mineral! No clogged pores.

Lasty: I've been suffering with adult acne as a model with all the foundations I have to wear and so I switched to The Good Mineral because health is wealth! The makeup is vegan and on top of that, it's timesaving - if you are an on the go person - it's like Dab Dab Dab and you are done. It's as easy as putting on some powder, doing my eyebrows, add some highlighter and a lipgloss and I hit the road. It's great for a busy day because you don't have to be doing a lot, everything is being done for you! Makeup that loves you back!

Ego: Skin health is critical to our brand and the products we make. The Good Mineral is makeup that supports your skin and skin care routines, otherwise what is the point of all that great skin care if your going to wear makeup products that irritate, clog and interfere with your nature. Another New York based esthetician I know, Gregory Vernet, said 

"There is significant importance to protecting the skin after applying skincare; mineral makeup is a no brainer (hopefully more get it)"

    Check out our TGM IGTV for the full discussion here

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