From the kitchen to 50,000 faces

Not all cosmetic powders are created equally and in this new inclusive world, two black sisters with acne-prone, sensitive skin are looking at mineral pigments from a new perspective: extracting only the best ingredients, wiping out all known skin irritants (bismuth), and creating rich, lasting and high performing color mixes for every shade of skin.

Years of hand formulation on the kitchen table and 50,000+ skin matches later, The Good Mineral was born, the ultimate in clean makeup, that supports even the most sensitive skin and skincare routines.

The Founders

The Good Mineral is brought to you by sisters Ego and Natasha Iwegbu.

Natasha the scientist & inventor.
Ego the entrepreneur & CEO.

Natasha Iwegbu - A chartered engineer, product developer and cosmetic chemist extraordinaire! Natasha created the original formulations between 2005 and 2010, helping her sister Ego enjoy makeup even with her sensitive, severe acne-prone skin. Over the years, Natasha went on to develop and formulate a full shade range by stopping people on the street to ask them to sit as skin-tone models. This personal approach meant that Natasha studied and sourced only the highest grade, cleanest ingredients for her and her sister’s skin. So what came to be? Formulations that precisely matched multiple shades of real skin and exclude all known irritants.

"I approached formulation like an elimation diet, taking everything out and precisely adding only the very best and necessary ingredients back in one by one."
Natasha Iwegbu on instagram

Ego Iwegbu - Salon entrepreneur, mathematician and author, Ego introduced the formulas to her many loyal salon clients in 2015 to receive rave reviews. The formulas were an instant hit, creating a cult following and inspiring Ego to develop a marketing and distribution plan to build The Good Mineral brand. 50,000 face matches, funding, a manufacture, logistics and distribution process in place, Ego and team bring the magic formulas direct to you!

"Not all of us have great skin! I have suffered from severe acne on and off through my life and I know that there are times I need my makeup to step up and give me confidence to face my day. Most conventional makeup leaves me itchy, sometimes inflamed and definitely looking over-madeup! The Good Mineral has supported my skin through the worst of my acne days with ease and confidence. Because I looked my best and I knew it was good for my skin. Too good not to share!"
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Our TGM symbol is made up of the Alchemy symbols for Water, Earth, Fire, Air! Our formulation process was like alchemy - the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

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Our Logo

Our TGM symbol is made up of the Alchemy symbols for Water, Earth, Fire, Air! Our formulation process was like alchemy - the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary


Years of real-life interactions with thousands of women (50,000!) led us to create The Good Mineral and the magic powders we know you’ve been waiting for.

Our Formulas

Known to stop women on the street, Natasha meticulously handcrafted every formula for her and her sisters sensitive skin. Then went on to formulate for other skintones!

The Magic

Preservative Free | Fragrance Free | Oil Free | Synthetic Dye Free | Cruelty Free & Vegan... and Drama Free!

Our Name

The Good Mineral was born from the knowledge that not all mineral ingredients are good for your skin. We have kept all known skin irritants, including Bismuth Oxychloride (a mineral ingredient found in many other mineral makeup brands) OUT of our formulations - We're good, good and good!


Formulated from scratch for the founders sensitive, acne-prone skin this range is totally skin-loving. Our makeup will support your skin and not work against it or any of your skincare routines and medications. Ask any dermatologist!

Our community called it "LOVES YOU BACK" because they have experienced so much enjoyment using the foundations. Testimonials include “Feels so light, like I have nothing on my skin, yet I look amazing” - “My dark spots are disappearing” - “I’m obsessed with my good mineral” - “The best foundation no lie!” - “This product is the truth”

Our goal is to make the most of wherever your skin is in the moment; so that even if you are having a bad-skin-day you can still enjoy makeup and #LiveWithEase

Our Vibe

Beauty is already yours and so makeup should be easy! If it takes too long or requires too much skill, it’s no longer fun. We’re serious about easy beauty to help you live your best life. It's not just makeup, it's selfcare.