What is Mineral Makeup?

Get the lowdown on what exactly mineral makeup is and what sets it apart from conventional cosmetics. Spoiler alert: It's all sorts of amazing!

What is mineral makeup and what exactly does it do? We are so glad you asked - this is literally one of our favorite questions EVER!

What is mineral makeup (the short answer)

Mineral makeup is made from naturally occurring minerals.

Minerals are inorganic which means they do not grow bacteria when they remain in loose powder form - meaning no added waxes or water - which is why we don't need preservatives.

Why The Good Mineral? (the longer answer)

It's important to realize that not all minerals are good minerals. Just because it’s pure and natural, doesn’t mean it is good for your skin.

We all have skin imperfections, from large pores to uneven skin tones, acne, and hyperpigmentation. This can cause us to lack confidence and feel frustrated. At The Good Mineral, we believe makeup should look natural, be easy to apply and long-lasting, reliable, and not cause skin irritation.

This is why we've done everything possible to eliminate chemicals and skin irritants from every The Good Mineral product.

The Good Mineral - What is Mineral Makeup?

Did you know that most commercial cosmetics are comprised of 25+ ingredients?!

The Good Mineral was born from the knowledge that not all cosmetic or mineral ingredients are good for your skin. This is why we’ve kept all known skin irritants out of our formulations, leaving only 7 skin-loving ingredients:

Zinc Oxide: Physical sunscreen, non-comedogenic, skin-healing
Sericite: Airbrushed appearance, oil absorption, natural sheen
Iron Oxides: Naturally-occurring yellow, black & red color pigments
Mica: Light-reflecting mineral that creates subtle glow
Ultramarine blue: Mineral derived colorant
Kaolin Clay: Controls excess oils
Titanium dioxide: Naturally occurring mineral and physical sunscreen

Each shade we offer contains varying amounts of these clean, skin-loving minerals. That's it.

🚫 No fillers.
🚫 No parabens or preservatives.
🚫 No fragrance.
🚫 No essential oils.
🚫 No synthetic dyes.

In short Good Mineral is 100% vegan, cruelty-free,  preservative and fragrance-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic mineral-based makeup made from seven simple ingredients that match your natural skin tone and visibly improves skin’s appearance, enhancing your natural glow with sheer coverage that melts into your complexion.

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Is Mineral Makeup for me?

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  • Felecia S said:

    Nice shades and seems to match me well to include my neck. It’s very hard to find a foundation shade the really match your skin tone. Will definitely purchase again. I appreciate my dermatologist for recommending.

    April 03, 2022

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