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The Good Mineral is brought to you by sisters Ego and Natasha Iwegbu (not twins!:)). Passionate, opinionated, female powerhouses, these mixed race sisters are clear about one thing: beauty should be easy and authentic.

Natasha Iwegbu - A chartered engineer, product developer and cosmetic chemist extraordinaire! Natasha created the original formulations between 2005 and 2010, helping her sister Ego enjoy makeup even with her sensitive, severe acne-prone skin. Over the years, Natasha went on to develop and formulate a full shade range by stopping people on the street to ask them to sit as skin-tone models. This personal approach meant that Natasha studied and sourced only the highest grade, cleanest ingredients for her and her sister’s skin. So what came to be? Formulations that precisely matched multiple shades of real skin and exclude all known irritants.

Ego Iwegbu - Salon entrepreneur, mathematician and author, Ego introduced The Good Mineral products to her many loyal salon clients in 2015 to receive rave reviews. The Good Mineral was an instant hit, inspiring Ego to develop the marketing plan and build The Good Mineral to what it is today.

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Beauty needs to be easy. When I watch some of these YT videos or insta posts of girls gluing, sticking, layering upon layering, waiting to dry, I just feel pain! Why would you put yourself through that for your normal day/night/LIFE look? Going on stage would be different but surely you must be more accepting of your given looks than that... ? Not to be judg-y at all, I have had my fair share of following trends and trying to be someone else to be 'my best self' - ironic right! Anyway, we are truly in love with easy beauty - fewer steps, cleaner products, more joy! OUR MOTTO : Live with ease XOXO

Skin acceptance


I have had acne and skin issues for most of my life and when it first started it was considered shameful or something you should hide. Through the golden “ DIY skincare “ era and hundreds of makeup trends, one thing never changed my love for experimenting. I love experimenting with different makeup styles and products but with very reactive skin it was so important to have a product that doesn’t cause breakouts... Read Jade Acquah's blog on Gen Z & Skin Acceptance

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It’s been well over a year since we all packed up our cubicles and made virtual work the creature of habit in our routines -- and our leggings and sweatpants entered coveted spots in our wardrobe rotations. In late March and early April 2020, I found it difficult to part with my makeup regimen during the week. It felt like a cling to normalcy by putting on a full face each day only to sit in front of my laptop and utilize the Touch Up Appearance feature on Zoom. As time went on, though, my motivation to look presentable in the ways I ordinarily would waned significantly...

ANCE SAFE MAKEUP - image of the founder having severe active acne on side of her face


Severe and active acne is sore and deforming. It is on your face, back and chest for all to see. When one major cyst goes down, four more come up. A scar heals, but there are countless to go. It is upsetting. It can stop you from having the full-life experience because you can’t go out without a lot of makeup that inevitably makes you look weird or makes your skin worse...

When Natasha, my sister, started formulating these powders I was skeptical to try. I was so sensitive about my face and acne that I just couldn’t bring myself to try something new that might make it worse.

But when a friend of mine that doesn’t wear makeup called me to ask where is Natasha and how do I get more of her powders I thought… What? “What do you mean, more of her powders? You hardly wear makeup!” She said, “Ego, haven’t you tried them yet? They are magic and I want more!" Keep reading what the co-founder - Ego Iwegbu - thinks of makeup and acne...

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Hit Play! Hey Gorgeous, Come hang out with us and our cool-girl summer vibes XOXO

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Our Vibes