What's so great about it?

The Good Mineral Loves-You-Back-3in1 is a foundation, concealer and powder.

Formulated by two sisters with acne prone, sensitive skin it contains no fillers and non-nano particles so the powders do not penetrate the skin or clog pores. Instead creating a physical protective barrier - of naturally occurring mineral color pigments - that adapt to skin tone and type, giving you natural glowing coverage.

These preservative-free, super clean formulas contain physical SPF ingredients, light-reflecting micas and give great buildable coverage.

12 Adaptable Shades
Easy To UseMultitasking
WeightlessNatural Skin Appearance 
Non Drying or CakingBuildable Coverage 

 Non Comedogenic 

adjective - tending to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin.