How to use

    1. Start with a little on your ICONIC FLAT BLENDING BRUSH and dab dab dab down (press down) where you want the most coverage first.

    2. Then lightly sweep, dab, sweep, dab what's left on your brush on other parts to blend in.

    3. Done! Watch our demo videos.

      TIP 1 - Less is more, the powders warm up on your skin and settle down beautifully. Speed this up with a natural setting spray or our CEO's favourite method of a little water steam!

      TIP 2 - Make sure to allow your skin to 'dry' from any skincare products before applying your powder foundation. 'Wet' creams and oils can prevent the powder from settling nicely and may even oxidise it. Plus too many oils and creams will stick to your brush and contaminate for next use.

      TIP 3 - Keep your foundation brush clean. Regular proper weekly washing is best. Also spraying brushes with rubbing alcohol before use will disinfect and ensure no unnecessary skin reactions.
      See brush pages for how to keep clean.