Through my teens and early twenties I lived with severe acne. It is in my genetics I guess because after a high dose and full course of cell altering medication (if you’ve ever seen a dermatologist for acne then you’ll know which one I mean!) - that completed cleared it up for about 10 years - I’ve had further major breakouts along the way with the most recent during the 2020 lockdown.

Severe and active acne is sore and deforming. It is on your face, back and chest for all to see. When one major cyst goes down, four more come up. A scar heals, but there are countless to go. It is upsetting. It can stop you from having the full-life experience because you can’t go out without a lot of makeup that inevitably makes you look weird or makes your skin worse.

When Natasha, my sister, started formulating these powders I was skeptical to try. I was so sensitive about my face and acne that I just couldn’t bring myself to try something new that might make it worse.

But when a friend of mine that doesn’t wear makeup called me to ask where is Natasha and how do I get more of her powders I thought… What? “What do you mean, more of her powders? You hardly wear makeup!” She said, “Ego, haven’t you tried them yet? They are magic and I want more!”


What’s the magic about?

The magic is in a combination of factors


- Natasha formulated the powders with her and my skin in mind; tone and type. This means that she only included the highest quality ingredients and only what was absolutely necessary to create the desired result. 


- The desired result was to look natural but better! This means that she excluded fillers, which in turn means that when your skin is bumpy or creased or scared or red or absolutely perfect then the powders add a sheer vale of colour rather than cake up, block pores, sit in fine lines or look like a bad paint job on acne.

  • Minimum ingredients
  • No skin irritants
  • No fillers
  • No fragrance
  • No oils
  • No preservatives
  • No synthetic dyes
  • Only pure mineral color pigments

Since using Natasha’s formulas that make up The Good Mineral I know that even when I have a major acne breakout I can still look good and feel confident on a date or socializing or in meetings without suffering the next day. This is easy, clean beauty at it’s finest; and totally acne-safe makeup.

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