“I broke up with my liquid foundation the day I tried The Good Mineral” - Emily Evans

During yesterday's IG LIVE between Ego Iwegbu and Caitlin Collins (have you seen it?) , Caitlin revealed the effort it took to break the routine of liquid foundation and her major ah-ha moment!

Caitlin's Story

I'm a working mom of two small children and I was comfortable with my liquid foundation routine but every time I went for a facial my aesthetician would comment on how much makeup was deep deep in my pores. She would need to cleanse and cleanse to get it all out. But that's just the way makeup is and it didn't occur to me that there could be better. 

I tried The Good Mineral only because Ego (ceo and co-founder) is my friend and the amazing packaging was too good not to use! At first it was strange - loose powder as a foundation is different and needs a few attempts to get into it - but I persevered even though it was a mission to find the extra time. But wow what a result - lightweight sheer coverage with a glow - and the feeling on my skin was totally worth the extra effort.

I went for a facial last week and my aesthetician said "Oh thank you for not wearing makeup". That was my ah-ha moment - I had been wearing The Good Mineral all week but it wasn't sinking deep into my pores like liquid! That's winning for me.

The Benefits of TGM Powder Foundation & The Science Behind It


The Good Mineral Foundation has no preservatives No Preservatives

There are no preservatives in The Good Mineral Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundations! How can that be? This is because the loose powders are in-organic and therefore do not grow bacteria. Without water or oils present in them they do not need preserving in the same way as liquid or mousse foundations do. No preservatives means even less additives to your skin eliminating more skin irritants.

The Good Mineral Foundation has no nano particles
No Nano Particles

This means that the powders only sit on the surface of your skin creating a protective light-reflecting barrier without clogging pores! This is huge for all of us that have blocked pores causing all sorts of issues from acne, blackheads to dull looking skin.

The Good Mineral Foundation has no fillers
No Fillers

The Good Mineral foundations contain no fillers (ingredients used to bulk out products) which create the 'weight' feeling of makeup on skin. Instead our products are made with the purest mineral pigments of adaptable color that easily blend in (no hard lines) with your skintone. Our formulations were developed so that every gram had the power to get the job done!

All 3 go a long way to eliminating makeup issues for even the most sensitive skins and giving the most magical skin-loving coverage. It's time to try; so worth the effort to transition!

"The more I use it the more I get it! It is just as fast and just as easy as any liquid foundation but with huge benefits!"

Get Your Perfect Match

We are here to help color match you to the right TGM shades; just email (care@thegoodmineral.com) or insta dm your makeup free, no-filter selfies for a match.

The Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation works best on it's own using the Iconic Flat Blending Brush

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