We understand the struggle and hesitation of buying foundation online. From the possible wasted spending to the potentially wrong choice... We recognize why you wouldn’t want to take the risks, even if the benefits would make you happier and your lives easier!

What if we told you that we removed these obstacles to offer you a risk-free, fear-free, irritation-free process for ordering foundation online?


First things first, please know that we get it! We have realized that the following reasons are why most of us would NOT buy foundation online:
• We won't find our perfect shade online
• If we get the wrong one there's no one to fix it - can't get through to the company!
• It ends up being a useless product that has not worked for your skin
• Wasted money. Wasted time. Disappointed because you were looking forward to amazing natural coverage!

These are absolutely valid points that even our co-founder believed ; to the point of affirming that she would NEVER buy foundation online. This is why The Good Mineral team have come up with a fail proof system that guarantees you will be happy. You and your beautiful face, precious time and perplexed wallet will feel safe and satisfied throughout the process.

Here are some reasons why the very same co-founder has changed her opinion about buying foundation online with The Good Mineral:

1. Our shade finder works and is accurate

Head over to our new shade finder and choose from a range of real, not retouched images of skin tone without makeup. Double check the shade you've picked by taking a makeup-free, filter-free selfie on your phone and placing it next to computer screen to help you confirm it is right for you. Check out our awesome shade finder in the tab above. 


2. Our product quality is perfection 

Our foundations (and all of our products) are literally made for sensitive skins (from acne to hyperpigmentation, rosacea, eczema, etc.). They are hand formulated, oil-free, frangrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free and do not feel heavy on your face while still ensuring natural coverage for the whole day. 


3. We have matched over 50 000 faces in real life

Our knowledge and experience of the products in real life on real skin is REAL. Our foundations are made in 12 adaptable shades, formulated against real skin tones. We know how foundtion adapts to different skin tones. We know how it will look on you.


4. We are there with you

If you are still unsure after using our shade finder then you can forward the makeup-free, filter-free picture to care@thegoodmineral.com and we will color match you and personally find your shade.


5. We are there for you

We are driven and passionate about your enjoyment of the product. If the shade is wrong, we guarantee to do everything to make it right (you can quote us on this). We promise you will end up happy. 

Click here to get your dream foundation that will keep you feeling confident and your skin feeling healthy NOW. 
Check out our shade finder in the menu bar.
Find us on instagram @thegoodmineral or email us care@thegoodmineral.com



  • Dale Parris said:

    I cannot decide between beige 1 and beige 2. How do I know which shade has cool undertones?

    March 27, 2024

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