Few things can affect our confidence like unexpected skin breakouts. We all aspire for that flawless, healthy glow, and at The Good Mineral, we understand this better than anyone. The Good Mineral believes in offering products that don't just cover but care for your skin too.

The key to minimizing breakouts often lies in understanding some common triggers and learning how to avoid them. Let's uncover some of these:


1. Poor Makeup Habits:

Not thoroughly removing makeup can trap residue, clog pores, and provoke breakouts. It's essential to cleanse effectively at the end of the day and use products that are gentle on your skin.



2. Over-Exfoliation:

Harsh exfoliation can lead to irritated skin and breakouts. A gentle routine, combined with non-abrasive makeup application, can help maintain your skin's balance.



3. Wrong Product Selection:

Using makeup not suited for your skin type or laden with skin-aggravating ingredients can contribute to breakouts. That's why our Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation is a game-changer. It offers the coverage and color you need, with a minimalist, non-comedogenic formula that doesn't irritate your skin.


4. Not Changing Pillowcases Regularly:

Bacteria can accumulate on your pillowcase and contribute to breakouts. Simply changing your pillowcase regularly can complement your gentle skincare and makeup routine.

5. Touching Your Face Often:

Frequent touching can transfer bacteria to your skin, potentially causing more breakouts. Try to be aware of this habit and avoid touching your face unnecessarily.

At The Good Mineral, our commitment to your skin goes beyond mere cosmetics. We believe in products that enhance your beauty while being gentle and beneficial to your skin. Our Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation, when applied with the Iconic Flat Blending Brush, offers natural glowing coverage without irritating or harming your skin.

Our promise extends to being vegan and cruelty-free, emphasizing our commitment to you and our environment. We strive to give you the confidence to face the day, knowing your makeup loves your skin back.

To make this journey easier, we're offering a special 20% discount on your first purchase of our hero combination - the Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation and the Iconic Flat Blending Brush. No need for a code - your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Remember, you're not alone in your journey to clearer skin. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need advice on choosing the right products.

Stay beautiful XOXO


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    November 06, 2023

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