"I'm not a makeup person" We hear this time and time (and time) again from our thousands of salon clients who come in to get their nails done and we offer them mineral makeup... We've also heard this exact same sentence at various face-to-face interactions with customers at The Makeup Show (yes, the makeup show) and Essence Festival 2022! In real life many women feel that, makeup is not good for your skin, requires skills that they don't have or a worthy occasion to justify the effort or finished look... But what does it actually mean to be a makeup person?

What or who is
'A Makeup Person'?

With countless makeup tutorials on our socials showing layers and blending and sculpting and layerrrrring and spraying of 20+ different items to achieve a look, it is not surprising that being a makeup person seems to mean literally becoming a full time face artist! Many videos show complete transformations using advanced contouring, highlighting and eyebrow, shadow and lash skills. Skills that many of us don't have, don't have time to have and actually don't really want to have. Being a makeup person is being a skilled artist, otherwise we might end up looking... weird right?

Because - in real life - as in, not on camera, too much makeup or the wrong makeup can look really quite bad. It is difficult to 'filter' the wrong shades or the caked up creases under the eyes of heavy 'baking' or a crookedly stuck on lash... yikes. 

So what happens when you need a bit of coverage, or want to look better or have fun with color?

Is there a way to cover your imperfections without covering your perfection?

The #CleanGirlAesthetic is a recent trend started on TikTok showing how to create a dewy no-makeup look or relaxed fashion vibe. We love it but what if your skin is going through a difficult season? Many of us have moments when our skin is really playing up and we need to address it with either a change in diet, medication or a new skincare regime - all of which take time to take effect. Most times we don't have the time; lockdown is over and we have to go out a face the world everyday!

What options do you have if you need a bit of makeup to cover up a few imperfections on your face or if you want to look 'finished'? If you suffer from acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or dark under eyes and need a confidence boost to face your day? Is there a way to have quick and easy natural coverage and color that is good for your skin and feels light?

Yes, yes and finally YES - because the Loves You Back 3in1 Powder Foundation literally offers skin-like, featherweight coverage that is easy to use and good for your skin - Yup! Everything the majority of women tell us in real life is addressed in our foundation! And it is true and it works, especially when you apply it right. Head to our product page to find out more about how it works and how to use it.


We created this product and wrote this blog because WE TOO ARE NOT MAKEUP PEOPLE but suffer from occasional bouts of acne, rosacea, eczema and need coverage sometimes - it would be poor on our part to not share the magic we created that helps us live our best lives!

Ego Iwegbu
CEO & Co-founder


Enjoy your best foundation yet by sending in your selfies for a shade match (click the chat button below left to attach) and taking advantage of the 20% discount when you add both the Foundation and Iconic Flat Blending Brush to cart!

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