Find how one woman's issues with adult acne became manageable when she found mineral makeup.

Once upon a time, there was an exasperated woman who owned 15 concealers (10+ unopened!) but could not for the life of her get the coverage she wanted and needed. Then she discovered The Good Mineral Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation...

TGM CEO Ego Iwegbu recently hosted an Insta LIVE with Sarah Edelstein, our TGM PR professional, who had clear skin all through school and her studies, but when she entered the workforce, she developed issues with hormonal acne along her jawline.

Sarah went on a liquid foundation journey to cover up adult acne; but then graduated to concealer to give her skin room to breathe and still cover any breakouts. Only to discover that blending its is basically impossible.

Check out snippets of our chat below about how mineral makeup changed the way that Sarah approached her beauty routine, and actually improved the quality of her skin while providing her with confidence-boosting coverage.

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Sarah: When the adult acne started, I first used liquid foundation all day every day, but I got so frustrated with my neck and face being different colors. So I ventured into the concealer world to cover my blemishes, so there would be no need to blend my neck and face. This also didn't work.

Then I wasn't wearing makeup at all for the first 6 months of the pandemic, and my face cleared up. When I started going out again, however, I felt like a needed some coverage and I went on a concealer journey again. I mainly ordered online because I don't like being attacked by salespeople.

Ego: So how many concealers do you have?

Sarah: Around fifteen, although most of them haven't even been opened yet. I used around four different ones at one point. I just want to cover up the blemishes and I didn't like the feeling of liquid foundation on my skin after not wearing it for so long. But concealer did not blend properly, and I would end up with splotches of different colors on my face.

Ego: I hear you. Liquid foundation can even be part of the cause of some skin issues because it irritates adult acne even more. Concealers are also very hard to blend because it is very dense in formulation, which shows a really hard line.

Sarah: Yes, the only way to make it work was to add liquid foundation, and that was the different direction in which I wanted to be going.

Ego: So then, when we started working together back in March, I sent you some of our makeup. What happened next?

Sarah: I put the minerals on my face when I went out for a date. I was a little worried because I never used mineral makeup before, and had no idea how to apply it, so I watched a few videos and followed your cues. It felt like I had nothing on my face, but I had flawless coverage.

Ego: That's the thing, isn't it? You want to look glowy and natural, not put your makeup front and centre.

Sarah: So, of course, I wore it after the first time, and after that, I never put liquid makeup ever again. There is a generalization that minerals won't give you the coverage you need because it's powder, which is completely wrong. I will never go back to anything else. It's truly life-changing.

Ego: The Good Mineral formulations are aimed at smoothing everything out in a light, natural way. It also doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

Sarah: That's so true! I recently had a massive breakout on my cheek, so I put some minerals on and it calmed it right down while giving me great coverage.

Ego: That's the effect of zinc oxide - it's so calming on the skin, and a natural anti-inflammatory.

Check out our TGM IGTV for the full discussion here OR view our "Pre-Show" & Product Demo where Ego gets ready for the chat here.

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