What's the story with brushes? Here's the lowdown on putting your best brush forward to keep things easy as pie.

Let's take a look at makeup brushes - why it's a good idea to use them, which kind does what, and how to care for your brushes to make them last.

We'll start with a question we get quite regularly:

Why not simply use your hands?

Fair question! At The Good Mineral, we're all about keeping things clean and effortless, so why do we believe in brushes instead of fingers? Simple - a good set of brushes actually makes life a whole lot easier.

  • Easy to use = no makeup artist skills required.
  • Light on your skin = clean, feather-light application, no skin agitation.
  • More accurate application = less time getting ready.
  • Less wastage = your products last longer.
  • Pretty brushes = good-looking mirror table ;)
The Good Mineral Makeup Brushes

Which brush does what?

Here's the quick breakdown:

  • Iconic Flat Blending Brush can be used to press color pigment down directly onto the area that requires the most coverage or to swirl and sweep it to dispense ‘less-is-more color on areas that just need a little filter. The ideal kind is tightly packed but still soft and flexible to enable the perfect amount of movement and pressure.
  • Jumbo Brush is ideal for free and easy application of glowing bronzers, shading contours, and shimmering highlighters.
  • Angled Contour Brush allows you to apply and blend in one for when you want to contour and sculpt your face and blend in the colors and tones you want with ease, resulting in precise application with less of a spread.
  • Round Blush Brush is great for more intense color application especially around the balls of your cheeks, temple, and hairline.
The Good Mineral Makeup Brushes

How to care for your brushes:

Ego Iwegbu, CEO & Co-founder The Good Mineral, shares her personal weekly and monthly brush-loving routine:


"I wash my brushes with warm water and liquid soap once a month, swirling it through on my palm and rinsing it thoroughly by running it through clean water and giving it a good squeeze. I repeat this until there are no more soapy bubbles or color foundation pigments coming out of the brush, and then allow it to dry properly overnight," she explains.


"In between water washes I run my brush over a cotton disc/tissue/wipe that has rubbing alcohol on it to disinfect and decongest the brush. It dries very quickly so you can do this often and also just before you need to use your brush."

Now you know! Check back soon for more insider info and helpful advice from The Good Mineral make-up mavens.

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