Firstly THANK YOU for your order of our hero product the Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation - We exist to elevate your look while keeping your skin healthy.

Our minimal yet effective ingredients work with your skin type to give you the coverage and that effortless, glowy look to face your day with confidence.

Because we are different - like no other mineral foundation you've tried before (see our comparison chart here) - let’s dive into some tips and tricks to make the most of your new makeup besties!

Here’s the thing - This award-winning foundation is likely to be unlike any foundation you’ve ever used! And we are here to help you master its application.

Follow our 4 steps and experience how worth the re-learning is for yourself! Plus your skin will thank you!

1. Clean Canvas:

Allow wet moisturizers, primers, oils, or sunscreens to fully absorb before applying Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation, or blot away excess for a smooth foundation canvas. Also trust the powder foundation to be enough and not use it as a setting powder on top of liquid foundation. Best to not lose its wonderful lightweight, no-comedogenic benefits! Best on its own! Best on clean dry skin too!

2. No Rubbing Or Buffing Needed:

Ditch aggressive motions! Avoid rubbing or buffing, which can cause
oxidization and irritate sensitive skin. Instead, use our Iconic Flat Blending Brush to pick up powder and release it onto your skin by dabbing down.
Continue to dab dab dab on clean dry skin for even, soothing coverage.

3. Less Is More:

A little goes a long way! Thanks to our high-performance, undiluted pigments, you don’t need much. Start small, where you want the most coverage first and dab dab dab. Give it a few minutes to settle on your skin and reveal its long-lasting glow. Buildable, you can add more and dab dab dab.

4. Shade Slip-up:

The wrong shade can either emphasize texture or give off an unnatural hue. Don’t guess your shade - get it right! *So before you open your jar* use our online shade finder or double-check by sending us a makeup-free selfie. We’re here to ensure your shade is spot on.


Makeup plays a significant role in your skincare routine so choosing The Good Mineral means choosing makeup that protects and supports your skin whilst enhancing your appearance. The award-winning range is not only non-comedogenic and made with high-performance, vegan, skin-loving ingredients, it is also super lightweight and gives your skin natural radiant coverage and color. Shop Loves-You-Back 3in1 Powder Foundation

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