Iconic Flat Blending Brush

Our Top-Seller For A Reason
The Iconic Flat Blending Brush combines the perfect bristle cut and length for 'press-and-blend' ease. Get direct, no-waste application with just enough flexibility for seamless blending—a must-have for loose and pressed powder foundations.

Tightly-packed but still soft and flexible this short flat-cut brush brings the magic and glow out of your
 LOVES-YOU-BACK-3IN1 Powder Foundation by enabling the perfect amount of movement and pressure.

“This brush is key to applying the Loves You Back 3in1 Powder Foundation perfectly every time with no agitation to sensitive skin! No waste, no mess, just dab dab dab....”
keyfeatures - Flat-cut for direct powder application Flat-cut for direct powder application
keyfeatures - 
Perfect bristles length for movement Perfect bristles length for movement
keyfeatures - 
Vegan Vegan
keyfeatures - 
Handmade Handmade
keyfeatures - 
Easy clean Easy clean
keyfeatures - 
Soft synthetic hairs Soft synthetic hairs
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Perfect match that gives natural coverage
What to know


Maximize Your Brush:

For Loose Powder Foundation: Use the corner of the brush to pick up a small amount of the loose powder. Gently press it onto the areas that need coverage, then softly dab to blend it in for a flawless finish.

For Pressed Powder Foundation: Swirl the brush over the pressed powder to collect the product. Tap gently onto your skin where coverage is desired and use the dabbing motion to seamlessly blend for a perfect complexion.


Wash your brush with warm water and liquid soap. Swirl through on your palm and rinse thoroughly. When rinsing run through the water and then squeeze the brush. Repeat until there are no more soapy bubbles or color foundation pigments coming out. Allow to dry properly overnight.

In between water washes you should run your brush over a cotton disc/tissue/wipe that has rubbing alcohol on it to disinfect and decongest the brush. It will dry very quickly so you can do this often and also just before you need to use it.

New Brush on sensitive skin
We highly recommend that all new brushes are thoroughly washed and wiped through with rubbing alcohol before first use; especially for super sensitive skin.
What’s so great about it?
You can use it to press color pigment down directly onto the area that requires most coverage first - rather than 'dust' powder all over the place.

You can gently swirl and sweep it to dispense ‘less-is-more’ color on areas that just need a little foundation-filter.

No need to agitate sensitive or acne skin because you can gently dab/press/blend product down rather than rub and irritate the skin. SUPER TIP - spray it or wipe through with rubbing alcohol before use to ensure no 

Perfect dip size for our LOVES-YOU-BACK-3IN1 Foundation jars making mixing shades easy. Can also be pinched to create a precise point of contact for better application.

Minimum waste because it picks up and dispenses the right amount of powder.

Customer Reviews

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Flat Blending Brush

I'm so glad I got this brush to go with the foundation. It's so soft and doesn't irritate my eczema prone eyelids and face at all! I can't wait to keep adding more Good Mineral products to my makeup drawer!


Nice soft brush, perhaps a bit too soft. I have to blend it after with a stiffer kabuki brush.

Best brush!

It’s amazing to use a brush specifically designed for the product I’m using. This brush is so good at picking up the 3-in-1 powder and applying it in such a buildable manner. I’m also very grateful for all the tutorials available for different approaches to using it. 10/10 would recommend

trena pruitt

I have oily skin and leave in the south! my niece introduce me to your products life changing!!!!

Melissa B
Great Brush

This brush is a perfect compliment for the foundation powder. I will be adding the blush brush to my collection as well . Love this brand :)

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Amanda Brockman @brockenvoll
Amanda Brockman @brockenvoll

“Love love love your products! I hate wearing make up. It usually feels soo heavy and caky. This is so light and airy. I could wear it 24/7.”

Tarah - @hairbestie
Tarah - @hairbestie

Love my good minerals makes me feel so pretty when I wear it and this company is amazing to its customers

Sanaa Jaman @ladydork
Sanaa Jaman @ladydork

No lie! By far the best product. I hate makeup and being caked up. This does what it needs to, hide the unwanted marks but keep the ones you want like my freckles. So subtle and light on the face! Absolutely love it!!!


TGM is one of myy favourite black-owned beauty brands. Their foundation is my current go to.


Absolutely obsessed with all of the above products…they look and feel so GOOD on my skin


Beautiful products. The brushes! Wow!


Color match was and is perfection. Are you a genie?! Because love how the foundation looked like on my skin. All products are amazing! #customerforlife