Hey, I’m Jade, a Gen Z and being nineteen during a pandemic is pretty crazy. As a teen, most of us are trying to find out who we are, what matters to us and what crowd we want to belong to. These are just trivial parts of life but throw in a pandemic and constant influence of social media and this can become one hell of a ride. 

I have had acne and skin issues for most of my life and when it first started it was considered shameful or something you should hide. Through the golden “ DIY skincare “ era and hundreds of makeup trends, one thing never changed my love for experimenting. I love experimenting with different makeup styles and products but with very reactive skin it was so important to have a product that doesn’t cause breakouts. Over the past few years, there has been a major shift towards clean beauty and skin acceptance which I am a part of. With continuous lockdowns across the world and being separated from loved ones, self-care has become an essential part of my life and lifestyle. I make sure that weekly self-care nights are in the order they usually consist of skincare, journaling and a playlist that reminds me of all the little joys of life.

Continuously making an effort to look and feel my best has played a major role in keeping me feeling like I can make it through this pandemic. Putting on makeup or getting dressed-up for online classes bring so much joy to me and keep me going! Hopefully soon people can appreciate my full face of makeup and I can wear my high heels somewhere other than the kitchen.

My fav TGM :
Most days I use Caramel 4 Loves-You-Back 3in1 with the Iconic Flat Blending Brush with a touch of Pink Rose Blush Boost on cheeks and lips!

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