“We’re proud of the genuine magic of The Good Mineral products. Tens of thousands of women have been overjoyed by the real-life beauty filter our makeup provides them with -- good for skin, good for life, and good for your conscience!”

The Good Mineral
is brought to you by sisters Ego and Natasha Iwegbu. 

Passionate, opinionated, female powerhouses, these mixed race sisters -- born in Russia and raised in England and Nigeria -- are clear about one thing: beauty should be easy and authentic. 

Natasha Iwegbu

A chartered engineer, product developer and cosmetic chemist extraordinaire! Natasha created the original formulations between 2005 and 2010, helping her sister Ego enjoy makeup even with her sensitive, severe acne-prone skin. Over the years, Natasha went on to develop and formulate a full shade range by stopping people on the street to ask them to sit as skin-tone models. This personal approach meant that Natasha studied and sourced only the highest grade, cleanest ingredients for her and her sister’s skin. So what came to be? Formulations that precisely matched multiple shades of real skin and exclude all known irritants. 

Ego Iwegbu

Salon entrepreneur, mathematician and author, Ego introduced The Good Mineral products to her many loyal salon clients in 2015 to receive rave reviews. The Good Mineral was an instant hit, inspiring Ego to develop the marketing plan and build The Good Mineral to what it is today: VC- backed and launched in three major retailers overseas. 

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