Makeup plays a significant role in your skincare routine... so choosing The Good Mineral means choosing makeup that protects and supports your skin whilst enhancing your appearance. We exist to elevate your look while keeping your skin healthy.

Experience a velvety, even-tone complexion with our Soft Complexion Pressed Powder Foundation - infused with Rice Starch & Jojoba Oil for skin-like softness. Non-comedogenic, Talc Free, Velvety yet Luminous Coverage for Sensitive Skin.


4 Steps For Best Results:


1. Prep Skin:

Unlike the Loves-You-Back 3in1, this foundation works best when skin is still a little damp from your favorite moisturiser or other skincare products. Apply it in a gentle dabbing motion with the Iconic Flat Blending Brush while your skin is still moist for light to medium coverage.


2. Give It A Minute:

At first swipe, Soft Complexion Pressed Powder Foundation may seem very subtle, but wait just a moment. It's designed to blend beautifully with your skins natural warmth, transforming into a velvety skin-like finish.


3. The Double Up:

For areas that require a bit more love. don't hesitate to layer up. Soft Complexion is buildable. Apply a light first layer, like in Step 1 then top up using a makeup sponge for medium to full coverage directly where more coverage is needed. Wait a bit so that you don't overdo it - this method ensures full, natural coverage without the cake feel.


4. Shade Match:

Much like its cousin, the Loves-You-Back 3in1, getting the right shade is crucial. Avoid the guesswork - *before you open this foundation* - send us your makeup-free selfie taken in natural light for a personalised recommendation. We're here to help you find your perfect shade. Shade Finder for Soft Complexion is coming soon! 

Shade Finder Tip: When using our shade finder tools for either Loves-You-Back 3in1 or Soft Complexion, remember the powder's appearance in the jar/compact or as a swatch is NOT its true shade on the skin. Focus on matching to skin tones, not the powders. And as the seasons change, your skin tone might too. It's common to alternate between two shades throughout the year.

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